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 Space exploration refutes the theory of modern astrophysics!

The modern theory of the structure of the star (the Sun) is contrary to scientific research.

The theory of the structure of the star (the Sun) mistaken and distorts the entire physics of stars.

Mistakes in theory: about black holes, neutron stars, supernovae, gravitational collapse, have brought the modern astrophysics to intellectual dead end. The hypothesis about the dark matter in the depths of black holes is a dead-end the theory about black holes. Theory in astrophysics are outdated for 100 years!

ANALYTICAL Astrophysics (THE NEW Astrophysics) is Breaking the Deadlock

The revolution in space exploration. The newest methods of analytical study.

Sensational results of an analytical research: the structure of stars (the Sun), black holes, neutron stars, supernovae, gravitational collapse, the structure of galaxies.

– Star (Sun) – is nuclear reactor.

The structure of the star (the Sun) as the construction of a nuclear reactor.

The existence of dark spots on the surface of the star (the Sun) the need for constructive condition for the existence of the star (the Sun) as a nuclear reactor. The solar wind – a stream of particles and nuclei with great speed, obtained by fusion.

– Real physics: black holes, accretion disc, jet.

The evolution of galaxies is the evolution of black holes at its center.

Black holes are the mechanism of motion of matter in the universe.

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 Today, many researchers (including the researchers of NASA) understand that the theoretical basis of astrophysics has become outdated and contradicts not only the given research, but also the laws of physics. 

The latest research of NASA shows that the Sun has a very different structure. 

«Vast Solar Eruption Shocks NASA and Raises Doubts on Sun Theory
John O’Sullivan
Mon, 03 Jan 2011 15:59 CST
NASA reports an entire hemisphere of the sun has erupted. The U.S. space agency now admits the cataclysm puts existing solar theories in doubt.
We are forever being told that the sun is a vast gas ball of hydrogen and helium at the center of our solar system. But new evidence may help prove this isn’t the case after all, according to solar experts who say the sun has an iron core.
A stunned NASA admits, «Astronomers knew they had witnessed something big. It was so big, it may have shattered old ideas about solar activity.» …
… Evidence Proves Solar Theories May Need to be Re-written Controversy about our understanding of the sun has been fomenting for years. … »
( http://www.sott.net
http://www.sott.net/article/220912-Vast-Solar-Eruption-Shocks-NASA-and-Raises-Doubts-on-Sun-Theory )

Israeli scientist Stanislav Kozlov proved that the star has a modern design of a nuclear reactor. 

In 2010 in Israel, a group of authors under the direction of Stanislav Kozlov published scientific research work in physics – «Analytical Physics. Analytical astrophysics».

The book «Analytical Physics. Analytical Astrophysics», includes a description of the analytical research of a new system of physical objects, processes and phenomena developed by a group of authors and successfully applied in astrophysics. This new system of research ahead of modern methods of research in physics for decades.

Through the use of this system of analytical research in astrophysics done an incredible lot DISCOVERIES described in this research.

Most of these discoveries has not yet recognized as an official in astrophysics, as the official astrophysics is based on the theories and concepts of the 19th and early 20th century.

 The most advanced modern methods of analytical research are developed and applied in this scientific work. The application of these methods has led to scientific breakthrough in astrophysics and brought a solution to many unclear physical phenomena and regarding the processes occurring in space.

In this work an analytical research will be carried out by astrophysics, and shall see, what unexpected results such research can give. Briefly review the theory, acting in theoretical physics and astrophysics, and analyze the errors of these theories, and the reasons for which they were committed.

For today, believe that the new theories stated in this work deduce astrophysics to higher theoretical level and explain more precisely the laws operating in a cosmic space.

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