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                              11. Conclusion

In this scientific work three main objectives were achieved:
    1. First steps of development of a fundamental system of analytical studies based on indirect evidence were done. Initiation of the establishment of «analytical physics» had begun.
    2. First Steps of «analytical physics» broke all outdated theoretical foundation of astrophysics and theoretical physics, showing the need for an analytical study over the collected research material.
    3. All analytical study of the objects, processes, events and phenomena of space in this research work, are conducted as a study of general chain of physical laws. That means, theories and hypotheses expressed in this research work, not only does not contradict physical laws and each other, but are complement and corroborating with each other.  

We have come to the end of our analytical work. 

The value of this work will be evaluated by those who’ll come after us. The task of uncovering the mysteries of the universe is on their shoulders.
I do not want to evaluate my own work. But I can say with certainty, that many theories in theoretical physics will be reviewed, the number of theories of classical psychiatry in physics will be reduced. These theories of classical psychiatry still gain titles, awards and even a Nobel Prizes.
A year or several years from now schoolchildren will be laughing over many theories that considered as
«brilliant» these days.

The merit of this work not only in the objective (for today) analysis of the accumulated research material, but also in the destruction of idols in science, on the ideas of whom have worked scientists and researchers around the world.

«Do not make any idols

This phrase is relevant not only in religion but also in science.