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70-1-145-En str 70-1

                                               (145)  FigureR-8.10

                Variant 3

Thermonuclear synthesis begins not at the borders, but inside of zone «B», figure №R-8.11.

                                                                               (146)  FigureR-8.11

In this case there are some variants of events succession.

            – The rise of a zone of thermonuclear synthesis «D», to the border of zones «B» – «C». The further succession of events is possible on the way of similar cases, in variants 1 and 2.

            – In case of fast succession of events at the big capacity, «the accretion disk» can be broken off, by energy allocated in a zone «D», and as well by the participation of the shock waves reflected from the center, fig. №R-8.12.

                                                                                 (147)  FigureR-8.12

   – To the break of «the accretion disk» and to the birth of several stars can lead events of fast and spontaneous increase in speed of the thermonuclear synthesis. Probably, as well as during the process of division of heavy transuranic kernels of atoms, at the nuclear reactions of synthesis, there is a «critical» weight, which having gathered in «the accretion disk», under the action of dynamic processes, can start a self-supporting thermonuclear synthesis, having created a star. If the weight is less «critical» – the star won’t light up completely as it should. If the weight is over «critical», than exists the probability of a birth of a star, at the performance of other necessary conditions (density of gas, temperature, pressure, and so on).

If the weight collected in «the accretion disk» exceeds «the critical» weight, it is possible that the speed of the thermonuclear process which has begun quickly increases. «The mechanism» of self-regulation cannot constrain this increase in speed of thermonuclear synthesis. The energy allocated inside «the accretion disk» is more than energy allocated on its external borders, and under the action of internal dynamic processes, «the accretion disk» is broken off on the stars. 

70-2-148-En str 70-2

                                                    (148)  FigureR-8.13

    Probably, any critical weight does not exist, and at greater weights collected in «the accretion disk», the necessary conditions of star existence cannot be satisfied:

1. The energy allocated in external layers should be more than the energy allocated inside of a star;

2. Self-regulation by processes inside of the star.  

       Possible variants of such dynamic processes are shown in figures №R-8.13 and №R-8.14. The presence of several layers, the centers of thermonuclear synthesis, strengthens the effect of break of «the accretion disk», since each layer carries out a role of an environment for «the bomb» placed inside of it. These environments detain dynamic shock waves, directing them inside, strengthening them in the center, increasing the time and strengthening the process of reaction, and increasing the capacity of «the explosion».  

70-3-149-En str 70-3

                                                    (149)  FigureR-8.14

         Variant 4

Probably, in «the accretion disk», around «the black hole» there is a formation of stars, and then there is an explosion in the center of «the accretion disk» which throws out the stars into space. Probably, at the formation of stars, the dynamic shock waves are concentrated in the center and are being reflected, after achieving critical parameters; dynamic shock waves throw the stars out into space.

  Different variants of events succession which depend on the sizes of «the accretion disk» and the weights of gas collected in it are possible.

 A possible existence and development of dynamic waves has been considered by us in the section «Generation of thermonuclear synthesis in a star».

  Probably, a detonator of synthesis in stars, in some galaxies (especially those who have disks and sleeves), are the dynamic processes at the thermonuclear explosion in its center, at the break of «the accretion disk» of «a black hole», which placed in the center of galaxy.

The variants considered by us, are the analytical forecast of possible events. Who the succession of events happens in reality – we don’t know yet.