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Decrease in the speed of rotation and the saturation of «the accretion disk» conducts to a change of the electric field. Hence, in the stream of «the accretion disk» and the galaxy disk, processes should be directed on the maintenance of the movement of «the accretion disk» and the galaxy disk. It’s only a hypothesis, which is necessary to check.                    

  While saturating «the accretion disk» of «the black hole» with gas, there is a nuclear explosion, or series of explosions. During these explosions, the stars, from the center of a galaxy are being born and thrown out. During this time interval, the process of gas absorption in the center of the galaxy stops, but the gas movement to its center in the galaxy disk and in the space surrounding the galaxy proceeds, by inertia. This movement of gas encounters the powerful dynamic shock wave which was born from the explosion in the center of a galaxy and probably, there is a condensation of gas in the disk and the sleeves of the galaxy. That is, probably is the reason of stars formation in the disks and sleeves of galaxies. Probably, there is a probability of stars formation during the movement of gas streams. For the present, we don’t know the reason of formation of stars in the gas streams and galactic disks, but the facts of stars formation in the volume where there is «a black hole» and in gas streams of disks and galaxies sleeves exist. Hence, it is possible to draw a conclusion: the stars are formed in two ways; as a result of dynamic processes in space nearby «the black hole» and in dense streams of gas in space, including in the disks and the sleeves of galaxies (spiral galaxies).                        

For modeling the processes occurring in galaxies, it is necessary to consider that the reason for all the processes occurring in them is the existence of «a black hole» in its center. The reason of galaxies evolution is the events occurring inside «the black hole» and to «a black hole». That means, elliptic and spiral galaxies are untwisted from the center, where the «the black hole» and its «accretion disk» are.

                         – Conclusions:

As a result of the analysis conducted in this chapter, we can draw the following conclusions:

    1. In «the black hole» there is no huge weights of matter and there is no dark substance.

    2. The dark substance DOES NOT EXIST!

    3. Proceeding from the data received by space research – «the black holes» are born as a result of explosions of the white dwarfs – kernels of stars of greater weights, and the explosions in the center of galaxies.

    4. Proceeding from the research data about tornados and whirlwinds, the birth of «the black hole» is probably also a meeting of several gas streams, and since at the meeting of the gas stream with an obstacle there can be a twisting of these streams and, a birth of a whirlwind transferring into «a black hole».

    5. «The black hole» is an area of vacuum, concerning parameters of the gas of the surrounding space. During the filling of this vacuum area with gas, there is a gas funnel, a whirlwind or a tornado of great sizes in the form of «accretion disk». 

    6. «The black hole» of galactic sizes is a whirlwind or a tornado of huge sizes which sucking in gas and dust from space, packs this gas into stars and throws out these stars back into space.

    7. At the increase of size of the vacuum in the elliptic galaxy, the sizes of «the space tornado» increase, occurring from the elliptic to a spiral galaxy, whose disk and sleeves are «tornado» of the galactic size.

 – Whether the creation of artificial Sun in space is possible?

Scientists of leading world powers are trying for decades to create a thermonuclear reactor. Probably, in the nearest future, the mankind will face a problem of cooling down of the Sun. Decrease in the reception of energy from an external source can affect negatively the existence of life and civilization on Earth. After the analysis of the physical phenomena, considered in the present chapter, there is a question to be asked: «Is the creation of an artificial star (as the Sun) is possible?». 

      Probably, it is!!!

For the creation of an artificial Sun, it is necessary to deduce in space a nuclear arsenal huge capacity and to blow up it on a great distance from Earth. After the explosion of the charge, in the explosion’s epicenter there will be «a black hole» which will collect gas and dust from space, and «light up» this collected m into a new star.

 In this case, it is necessary to calculate the necessary weight of the charge, the distance of the explosion from Earth and a possible trajectory of movement of the artificial Sun.

In case of creating two or several artificial Suns, it is necessary to calculate their orbits in order to exclude the collisions between them and other space objects of large sizes and weights. It is necessary to analyze the probability of collision of the artificial Suns among themselves and with other space objects of the large sizes and weights, possible consequences of these collisions, and the influence of these extreme events on the solar system, on our planet and on the life on it. It is necessary to consider a variant of deliberate collision of the artificial Sun with large space objects for the purpose of renewing the «fuel» in the artificial Sun. Probably the optimal place for creating the artificial Sun, are the streams of space gas beyond the aisles of the solar system, since the density of gas in these areas are higher than in a hemisphere of the Sun.

      Is an artificial creation of a high-grade star as the Sun, not far from the Earth, with the purpose of resettlement of civilization is possible?

 The decision of such problem is improbable, though it is necessary to predict theoretically such variant of events succession. In this forecast it is necessary to consider the probability of using favorable external conditions, which will help with the decision of such problem, or to find a place with such favorable conditions.

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