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               In cases of powerful nuclear explosions, the shock wave from the explosion can break through the environment of a star – «the active zone». In this case, in the location of the environment break, «dark spot» is being born, fig. № R-6.7. The reason for the powerful solar flashes is also the powerful thermonuclear explosions inside of the star.

58-1-96-En str 58-1

                                                                                (96)  FigureR-6.7

  Powerful explosions inside of the star may occur not only during the thermonuclear synthesis generation, but also as a result of nuclear reactions of division, during the accumulation of heavy kernels. The powerful, short in time explosions are the transient for huge quantity of energy allocation inside of the star. If the environment of the star would be rigid or the allocation of lots of energy would take longer, the star would collapse. Hence, the active zone of the star is not only a «safety valve» for the gas-plasma mix, but it is also a power safety lock, dumping critical quantity of energy into the open space, rescuing the star from destruction.

The environment of the star has the peculiarity of regeneration, restoration. This peculiarity is also a necessary condition for star’s existence.

  With the increase in weight, sizes and radius of the star, the capacity and quantity of the thermonuclear synthesis centers should increase. The arrangement scheme of the thermonuclear synthesis centers, in the process of increase in the star’s sizes, can appear in layers, as shown in figure № R-6.8.

58-2-97-En str 58-2

                                                                    (97)  FigureR-6.8

With the increase in star’s radius, the quantity of layers of the thermonuclear synthesis centers increases, which increases the quantity of synthesis of atoms kernels, and reduces the lifetime of the star. Since in the process of linear increase of the star’s radius, the increase of the volume of this star has cubic character, hence, the increase in the quantity of synthesis in volume of the star acts in process of increase in its radius, should have at least cubic character. 

 It is also necessary to consider the processes of rotation of the gas-plasma mix and a kernel of a star. The whirlwinds, circulation of movement created by these rotations in the gas-plasma mix influence the distribution of shock waves. The changes of gas-plasma mix parameters – temperature, pressure, density also influence the dynamic processes. It is impossible to consider all of the parameters which influence the distribution of shock waves in the gas-plasma mix of a star. 

The factors listed explain the existence of dynamic shock waves grid in the star, and on its surface. Is there a possibility of maintaining an analysis of the dynamic processes influencing the thermonuclear synthesis generation in the star? The helioseismology and the analysis of neutrino radiation in a star give us such probability. Neutrino radiation is a characteristic for nuclear reactions with energy allocation. Each thermonuclear synthesis reaction has the parameters of neutrino radiation. Having a map of neutrino allocation, it is possible to define the areas of thermonuclear synthesis. For a fuller analysis it is necessary to create a map of neutrinos radiations of the Sun in the dynamics of changes in the neutrino stream.

The variants we considered are analytical forecast of possible events. How do these events occur for real – we do not know yet precisely.