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6.The possibariant of generating of nuclear kernels synthesis in a star

  How does the generation and maintenance of thermonuclear synthesis in a star maintained?

We don’t know the answer to this question, yet.

Let’s try to analytically predict the process of generating a thermonuclear synthesis in a star. 

  The star is a reactor where kernels of atoms are being synthesized. For the synthesis of kernels, it is necessary to spend energy. In order to receive the energy to be used in the synthesis of kernels, it is necessary to generate a thermonuclear synthesis.

      By which principle operates the process of generating thermonuclear synthesis?

 It is probable that the generation of thermonuclear synthesis occurs by the principle of «hydrogen» bomb detonation (figure № R-6.1). The explosion of the «uranium» bomb located around of the «hydrogen» charge compresses this charge, which is situated in the center, starting the process of thermonuclear synthesis.

56-1-91-En str 56-1

                                               (91)  FigureR-6.1

 Considering the device of a star, we see its similarity to the device of a «hydrogen» bomb (figure № R-6.2). The dynamic processes occurring in the top layers of the star’s atmosphere, in «the active zone» (the photosphere and the chromosphere) are playing the role of detonator of the «hydrogen» bomb (an explosion of a «uranium» bomb), which is surrounding the main charge. The gas-plasma mix plays the role, the basic «hydrogen» bomb charge. In order to prevent the star from breaking down like a «hydrogen» bomb, the following condition of power star existence should be kept:

   – The amount of energy allocated in the top layers of the atmosphere, in «the active zone» (in photosphere and chromospheres) Eex, should be higher than the energy allocated inside of the star, in the gas-plasma mix and in its kernel Ein, but not to exceed the critical values of  Ecr, for the star existence.

                                    Ein < Eex < Ecr

But researches show that there are facts of short-term allocation of lots of energy inside the star. In these cases we observe the action of «self-regulation by the processes which are occurring in a star» condition.

  Technically, this condition is being realized due to the absence of rigidity in the environment (in «the active zone») of stars. That means, that at the allocation of large amount of energy inside of the star, dynamic waves break through an environment of («an active zone») stars and throw out surplus of energy in space then the environment is restored.

   The star creates energy during a long time interval, hence, there is a necessity of recycling and storage of the fulfilled fuel (slags) since this fulfilled fuel absorb the energy allocated by the star, and it has the ability to «extinguish» the thermonuclear synthesis. This means that if the slags were in the same places as the centers of the thermonuclear synthesis, it is possible that the slags might «extinguish» the thermonuclear synthesis. In the gas-plasma mix there is a division of the slags and of the thermonuclear synthesis centers. The slags fall into the star’s kernel of, and the centers of thermonuclear synthesis rise in «the active zone». The problem of recycling and storage of the fulfilled fuel (slags) in the star is being solved ingeniously simply, all of the fulfilled fuel, under the action of weight force is gathering in the center (in the kernel) of the star and being stored until the end of its life. The easy «fuel» is always above the slags, and the centers of thermonuclear synthesis rise up to the top layers of the star’s atmosphere. In the star there is an automatic division of fuel, slags and the thermonuclear synthesis centers.

56-2-92-En str 56-2

                                             (92) Figure № R-6.2

With time, the process of thermonuclear synthesis in «the active zone» supposed to decrease, due to the outflow of high-energy matter (plasma) into the open space. Hence, one of the necessary conditions for the star’s existence is:

– Generation of thermonuclear synthesis in the star and replenishment of «the active zone» (photospheres and chromospheres) with plasma, which acts as the environment of the star, and keeps the star’s matter in its volume.

The process of generating the thermonuclear synthesis in the star solves a problem of deficiency of plasma and thermonuclear synthesis of atoms kernels in the top layers (in «the active zone») of the star’s atmosphere.                     

Under the action of thermodynamic processes occurring in the star’s «active zone», centers of thermonuclear synthesis in the form of nuclear explosions are being generated in the gas-plasma mix. These centers of thermonuclear synthesis, rise in the top layers of the atmosphere of the star, increasing the process of thermonuclear synthesis and the quantity of plasma in the photosphere, compensating their decrease and outflow from the star’s «active zone» to the open space.                                              

  The existence of thermonuclear synthesis in the top layers of the atmosphere is necessary for deducting the gas-plasma mix in the star’s volume and for generating the thermonuclear synthesis inside of the star. When this condition is absent the star stops its existence.                                                                                            

Another condition of star’s existence is probably the minimally admissible concentration of energetically high capacious «fuel». That means minimally admissible percentage of hydrogen kernels. The energetically high capacious «fuel», is the atoms and hydrogen molecules, and other easy atoms, whose participation in synthesis gives the maximal energy allocation.