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 Article A: (en) Break the deadlock in astrophysics FOUND!                  


 Article B: (en) Which discoveries were made in this research work 



Physics of the Sun and Stars  

Статья 2с: (Rus) Physics of the Sun and Stars 

(short review article)


Article 3ar: (en) Analytical Physics of the Sun and Stars


Статья 4с: (Rus) The main physical processes accompanying the star at the end of life. Outbreaks of supernovae. 


Статья 5с: (Rus) The gravitational field of a black hole or myths about dark matter. 


Article 6ar: (en) Physics of black holes


Статья 7с: (Rus) The evolution of the galaxy is the evolution of a black hole in the center of this galaxy. 


Статья 8с: (Rus) Conceptual mistakes has led into the impasse of modern astrophysics.  


Used literature (Rus)



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