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                        Article A: Break the deadlock in astrophysics FOUND!                                               Article B: Which discoveries were made in this research work 

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The foreword.

The introduction

1. «The analytical physics»
    1.1. Modern astrophysics
    1.2. «The analytical physics»

«The analytical astrophysics»

2. Physical bases of «analytical astrophysics»
    2.1. A power barrier of kernels
    2.2. Cold synthesis
    2.3. A structure of a kernel of atom
    2.4. The spherical form of stars
    2.5. Speed of kernels at synthesis
    2.6. Coulomb pushing away and pressure forces
    2.7. «Packing» and «unpacking» of a matter

Physics of the Sun and Stars

3. The power analysis stars (Sun), as nuclear reactor
4. The analysis of «a solar wind»
    4.1. A method of maintaining the research of «a solar wind»
    4.2. Modern theories about «a solar wind» and about a star structure
    4.3. The analysis of the factual sheet and forecasting a design of a star, as thermonuclear reactor
    4.4. A structure of a star
    4.5. «A solar wind»
5. The equation of star existence
6. The possible variant of generating of nuclear kernels synthesis in a star

Physics of black holes

                                                 Article 6ar: Physics of black holes

7. «A black hole»

8. Possible variants of beginnings of synthesis generation, nuclear kernels, in «the accretion disk» in moment of birth of Star
9. The end of stars’ life
10. The universe and galaxies
11. Conclusion
The literature used
The appendix


Analytical Astrophysics at Articles

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