Article A: Break the deadlock in astrophysics FOUND!

Break the deadlock in astrophysics FOUND!

– Stanislav, in 2010 you released two books, «The Analytical Physics. Analytical Astrophysics» and «The Analytical Astrophysics. Physics of the Sun and Stars». However, if my memory serves me right «Analytical Physics» and «Analytical Astrophysics» don’t exist.

– More precisely, did not exist until 2010, but after our book was released «The Analytical Physics. Analytical Astrophysics» are already on record. But if we look at history, we can see that one of the first analysts to astrophysics were Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilee, which analytically concluded that the Earth and the planets revolve around the sun. Typically, analysts ahead of their time by decades and centuries, and their scientific work, modern society does not accept right away.  

– Are you saying that you are with a group of collaborators «parents» of a new branch of physics?

– Yes! We took the first steps in creating a new branch of physics – «Analytical physics».

– I understand you think that your research is ahead of today time by tens or even hundreds of years?

– Exactly! Today, many researchers, even NASA scientists know that the theoretical basis of astrophysics is outdated and it contradicts not only to research data, but physical laws. The given book (a scientific work), is an analytical research on the physics of space performed by a group of researchers, under the direction of Stanislav Kozlov, co-authors: Ivan Kozlov, Mariya Kozlova, Marina Kozlova.

Overall objective of the given research was a search for truth. It developed and applied the most advanced modern methods of analytical study. The application of these techniques have led to scientific breakthroughs in astrophysics and unraveling the many not understood physical phenomena’s and processes occurring in space.

To date, we believe that this work made in the new theories of astrophysics to derive a higher theoretical level and more accurately explain the laws of force in outer space.

We can be mistaken, as well as most of the people. And we wouldn’t want this work, after its recognition, to be an obstacle to more progressive theories based on new research materials.  

– Space and Space Physics has been investigated for hundreds of years, and the amount exceeds tens of thousands of researchers, among them world-class scientists, Albert Einstein, Arthur Eddington, Parker, Stephen Hawking. Do you think that your scientific work is ahead of the work of these eminent scientists?  

– Exactly!

– Is it possible you are too overconfident?

– No! If my memory serves me right, the names of Albert Einstein, Arthur Eddington, Parker, Stephen Hawking and other «great» Astrophysics is not included in the list of prophets. They are not even included in the list of children of prophets, just as we are, therefore, our study should be treated the same as the scientific work of these «great» scientists.  

– Why do you think that your research is more correct than studies of other authors.

– It’s not an easy question. To answer this question, we explain the answer to another question – «What is a star?»

This question people asked, ask and will be asked throughout history of its existence. In different historical periods of time there are different answers.

Why are these answers different?

The difference is because our knowledge about the world constantly changing! With the development of technology and science, with experience, human knowledge extended on the basis of new, more modern research. The person is reviewing, analyzing and changing answers. So, for example, changes in knowledge about the Earth, we can trace the dynamics of change in response to the question «What is Earth?» At the beginning of human development the Earth was seen as a plane lying on the backs of huge animals. Then earth was seen as a sphere and the sun and other planets were rotating around it, and so on. …

Another equally important issue – whether or not in there were prophets in science?

And it is safe to answer that there were not them in astrophysics.

There are many examples of idols and idolatry from the scientific field than we would like to be. Many theories in theoretical physics are outdated and need revision. In astrophysics – the theory of equilibrium of the gas Eddington stars, the theory of gravitational collapse, the theory of a degenerate gas, in nuclear physics, the theory of nuclear structure by Rutherford and Bohr. All these theories have been developed in the early twentieth century, when nuclear physics did not yet exist, and all of the theories based on scientific imaginations of their authors. On these scientific fantasies nurtured and grown for several generations of scientists and researchers, and the founders of the theories raised to the rank of idols of science. Their theories are perceived as truth, and criticism as well as alternative theories, are not even considered.

The laws of nuclear physics were discovered many years after the creation of the main theories in astrophysics; consequently, the fundamental theories of astrophysics do not rely on the laws of nuclear physics. Therefore, the whole nuclear physics to astrophysics revolves around the formula of «hydrogen plus hydrogen is helium».

We conducted an analytical study in astrophysics and got unexpected results, which are published in books, «The Analytical Physics. Analytical Astrophysics» and «The Analytical astrophysics. Physics of the Sun and the stars»

– What is «analytical physics», and why is it necessary?

– Today in the material world around us there are still physical objects, processes, events and phenomena’s, the direct study of which is difficult or impossible. These are objects, processes, events and phenomena in outer space, atomic and nuclear physics.

How to investigate such physical objects, processes, events and phenomena?

Physical objects, processes, events and phenomena’s, the direct study of which almost impossible to investigate with indirect data. For a better understanding of the problem, we give an example of an investigation of the crime.

Assume you committed any crime, and there are no eyewitnesses. Investigator (Analyst) conducts an investigation (desk study) based on indirect evidence (evidence) gathered during the investigation. The more collected proxy data (evidence) for the analytical study (investigation), the higher the probability of disclosure of the crime (obtaining true information on the interest of our events or objects). Investigators have a fundamental system of an analytical study of proxy data – Examining the evidence. One of the most common and objective examinations – forensic, which is on the analysis of small clues, can solve the crime. That is, to investigate the crime there is a system of analytical studies of indirect data. Consequently, for studies of physical objects, processes, events and phenomena, the direct study of which is difficult or impossible, there is also a need to develop a fundamental system of analytical studies on physical objects, processes, events and phenomena based of indirect evidence.

Physical object’s, processes, events and phenomena, the direct study of which is difficult or impossible, today, explores the theoretical physics.

What is a theoretical physicist now?

Theoretical physics today is a pile of accidentally invented theories whose aim – «to pull the ears» of any physical laws to obtained research materials. Many theories of theoretical physics can confidently enter into a textbook on classical psychiatry, and are proud of what some theorists of physics. The more incredible the physicist theory is, the faster we will believe it! The higher the title and the title of this physics, the sooner people believe in his theory!

Whether there is today in theoretical physics, the fundamental system of analytical studies of physical objects, processes, events and phenomena based on indirect evidence?


Researchers in space gathered a massive amount of research material that needs to be competently and analytically processed. But today, in physics there is not enough analysts. The main reason for a shortage of analyst’s is the lack of fundamental training of researcher’s for analysis. The main reason for the lack of fundamental training of researcher’s, is this lack of analytical research methodology itself.

The general objective of this ( этой ) scientific work is to lay the foundation of the creation of analytical physics. That is, to lay the beginning of a fundamental system of analytical studies of physical objects, processes, events and phenomena based on indirect evidence and begin to develop methods of such an analytical study.

Analytical Physics explores objects, processes, events, phenomena based on indirect evidence, if direct evidence is lacking and it is impossible to get them.

Looking ahead, we can say that the first results of an analytical study is based on indirect evidence in astrophysics led by the destruction of the theoretical foundations of modern astrophysics, created by centuries of the best minds of their time. In physics, it’s time for analysts, it’s time for analytical physics.

– So, what did you manage to open in your new research?

– The major discovery that we made for the modern astrophysics and all of its theoretical basis is wrong.

– Aren’t you too confident saying that all modern astrophysics is wrong?

– I’m not saying that all of astrophysics is wrong, I said what is wrong is the theoretical part. If we accept this statement, we are allowed a few degrees of freedom in conducting analytical studies.

– Why only some degrees of freedom, but not complete freedom?

– Research and analysis cannot be completely free. Their freedom is limited to research materials, scientific data, facts, laws of physics. Complete freedom can only be fiction and fantasy. In modern physics, these fictions and fantasies are collected in theoretical physics, which includes modern astrophysics. Rejection of old theories makes it possible to more freely and independently seek solutions to problems facing the researcher.

Secondly, as a result of this scientific analytical research, which has been developed and applied to a fundamental system of analytical research facilities, processes and phenomena using indirect data?

Thirdly, the application of research methods led to the development of new theories in astrophysics, and produced a modern astrophysics at a high scientific level.

– But, it’s all common words! And what else is new, which you specifically have discovered in their research?

– There are more discoveries have made, than we expected.

(«The Analytical astrophysics. Physics of the Sun and Stars»). On the physics of stars: there is a fully revised and developed entirely new integrated theory based on the latest scientific evidence of nuclear physics and astrophysics. Eddington’s theory about the gas balance of stars and Parker’s solar wind is out of date and now they can only be compared with the childish fairy tales. In our research work, the processes taking place in a star are analyzed in terms of nuclear energy and nuclear physics. The structure of the star is considered and analyzed as a structure of a natural nuclear reactor, in view of the systems required for the duration of its existence. We concluded that the earlier scheme of stellar structure is not workable and is wrong. Mistakes were made, because in the early 20th century, nuclear physics and nuclear energy did not exist, therefore, we do not know the possible structure of a nuclear reactor. In the analysis of the solar wind, we reveal and explain the physics and the mysteries of this phenomenon. Using Newton’s third law formula, we calculated the speed of solar wind particles. To our surprise, the error between the estimated and actual rates is negligible, which confirms our theory. According to our proposed theory of the star (the Sun) it consists of a core, gas-plasma mixture surrounding the core, the core consisting of high energy of the plasma surrounding the gas-plasma mixture and is a shell star.

In the book «Analytical Physics. Analytical Astrophysics» the objects, phenomena and processes in space are considered and analyzed from the mechanical engineering point of view, and not from physics – science fiction – theoretician. What distinguishes the engineer from science fiction (physics – theorist)? The engineer holds responsibility to someone for each his solution – responsibility for someone’s life. A house, an aircraft, a spacecraft, they can be constructed only while using the real laws of physics. Only a virtual house can be built on theories, but it’s not possible to actually live in it. Still, while coming up with virtual physics (theoretical physics), the Physics of the Science fiction earn for a real house. But this is just the «poetry», we shell go to practice. If we analyze what was written by the «physics» of the science fiction in astrophysics, we’ll solid physical errors and contradictions to the real physics and to their own theories.

Here are few examples. The theories regarding the physics of the Sun and stars. These theories are clearly out of date! A star is a nuclear reactor, but there is not a single theory in the modern astrophysics where the processes that may occur in the star, as in a nuclear reactor were considered, predicted or reviewed. The current theories regarding the physics of the Sun and stars are incredibly stupid, they can be easily considered in the classical psychiatry, but has nothing to do with physics. According to these scientists, the «theoretical physicists» – the synthesis of heavy kernels is not possible in the star, because the temperature in the star is «low» – not enough for the synthesis. But the 99th and 100th elements of the periodic table were synthesized during the test of a hydrogen bomb, but its power is much less than solar. «Physics» – theorists are unaware of this fact! And which laws they made up for the Sun, where the density of matter in the core is 160 g/cm 3, in spite of the high density – the core of a star is gaseous … and in the stellar core acts the ideal gas law. For comparison, the density of U and Pu 18 g/cm 3 and 19 g/cm 3, is almost by 10 times smaller than the one of the star’s core. In physics the states of gas, liquid and solid substances have different density. What is this gas, whose density is by 10 times higher than the density of the heaviest solids? Who saw this gas? And using which parameters do this gas obeys the «ideal» gas laws, although none of even the simplest gas – hydrogen, does not subject to this law fully (100%). And did anyone calculate the mass of the Sun’s kernel, at a density of 160 g/cm3? According to my calculations, the core of the Sun should have a mass of 30-40% more than the mass of the whole Sun. FUNNY! Such stupidity arise the desire to scream. And this science is physics?! And thousands of professors, doctors and academics work for such science!!!! And the work of all these «scientists» is aimed on continuing building this old «soap» bubble. I have touched only the physics of the Sun and stars, but if we also analyze other topics in astrophysics, then we get into a huge circus room.

Let’s consider another small example from the book «Analytical Physics. Analytical astrophysics».

Many heard about the assumption made already by Einstein about the large masses attracting light. In 1918, a group of researchers led by Arthur Eddington has found the confirmation to the words of Einstein. During a total eclipse of the sun, a star was discovered near the solar circle, it was actually located behind the sun, and should not be seen. It was later discovered the phenomenon called «gravitational lensing». In the observations of some distant galaxies, near their images there are images of another galaxy located beyond that distant galaxy, which confirms the assumption of Einstein. The evidence discovered may be called «unquestionable». But in five minutes later, I will dismiss these unquestionable proves that were collected for decades by great scientists. No, I fooled you, I won’t dismiss these «unquestionable» evidences in five minutes, two minutes will be enough, in general it depends on how fast can you read.

In such cases, what will the authors of «Analytical Physics» say?

We say: «First of all, you need to open a textbook of classical physics and to search for the laws that explain this phenomenon!» Let’s open the «Optics» section, which explains the physics laws of light propagation in space. And what shell we found? One of the first laws of optics that are studied in school is proving the wave propagation of light – the law of the light bending around obstacles, «The diffraction of light». This law explains the phenomena described above. That means that the fact that, Eddington watched with a group of researchers in 1918 during the eclipse of the Sun and the phenomenon called «gravitational lens» is not a proof of the gravity force on the light, but an example of light diffraction, the bending of light wave around the huge obstacles in the vast space.

The knowledge of human changes, because he seeks the truth, but this seeking of the truth interferes with scientists authorities, or scientific idols. In the example we disassembled, if the scientific idol Einstein did not say his suggestion about the impact of gravity on light, Eddington in 1918, probably would have found the right answer. Unfortunately, our scientific Idol – Einstein is always right, and the laws by which the light propagates, has no value for science astrophysics!

A Black Hole is a phenomenon of nature that is no longer a mystery, but I do not want to spoil your pleasure by reading our scientific work. I can confidently say that there is no dark matter just as there is no enormous gravity of a black hole. To answer the question «Is the universe shrinking, or not?». I can say that the universe is not only expanding, but shrinking simultaneously. More, you can read in our analytical study.

The «Dark Matter» does not exist!

Since the modem astrophysics don’t know and don’t understand the chain of physical events occurring in the outer space and cannot explain them, the astrophysics theorists have gone the wrong way and came up with a «dark matter» that can be searched forever in the infinite space. They don’t see that in addition to the gravitational force of nature, there is a force much more powerful!

It is the power the vacuum!

«Why do stars explode?» «Why exploding supernovas?», «What’s happening with the star after the explosion?», «Which way do galaxies evolve?» To these and other mysteries of space you will also find answers in our book «The Analytical Physics. Analytical Astrophysics».

– Your answers and your confidence, gives hope that in the near future, «Analytical Physics» and «Analytical Astrophysics» will show that the knowledge about the cosmos is upside down.

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